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A free auto GS Auto Clicker clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a small but handy program that can save you time when you’re faced with a task in need of repetitive clicking. The application could potentially save your mouse a couple of thousand uses as the software will automatically click the targeted area. However, while this runs, you will be unable to run any other tasks on your PC.

Autonomous computer

GS Auto Clicker is a powerful and useful tool for anyone but will see it’s main use from the gaming community. This is due to idler games and clicker games that can easily tire you out or wear your mouse down.

The application’s UI is very old-fashioned and bareboned, displaying only the bare essentials which include a help button. From the main menu, details can be inserted through an easy to understand panel that asks you for the click amount and the interval between them.

The software is light on resources as it runs in the background of whichever application you’re using it for. GS is fast and efficient at repeatedly clicking any point on your screen.

Task automation

An auto clicker is a program that repeatedly clicks a location on your computer screen. This has many uses but is not a perfect alternative to using your mouse normally.

The main usage for this software is on games and platforms such as Roblox where you’ll need to repeatedly tap a button to gain points or experience to level up. One of the popular gaming genres that use an auto clicker is the idlers. These games would normally require you to tap a character or item thousands of times which quickly becomes tiring.

Save yourself

If you’re repeatedly using your mouse, then you’re at risk of harming your wrist. The position you hold your hand while using a mouse is generally poor, depending on the type of mouse you use. An auto clicker can save you from harming your wrist or tiring your hand out because of the repetitive process.

Replacing a mouse is costly if you have a higher-end gaming one, unlike the generic options that are frequently used in offices. An average person can make over 5,000 clicks a day, and most mice have a life expectancy dependant on their brand. On average this is at least 1 million clicks, but high-quality hardware can last for over a billion clicks.

By not having to strain your body or replace your hardware soon you can save money and increase the longevity of your tools.


This application is entirely free, from its GS Auto Clicker download to the features contained within its simplistic menu. This saves you money as there is no license to buy, and you can start using the program immediately after it’s installed. By using this, you can save money when comparing it to a paid alternative.

Save time

If the task you’re using the software for does not require constant observation, then this application can free up your schedule. This is because it runs in the background on your computer while you can venture away from your keyboard and do other tasks like making dinner. Overall this app can help you save time.


Another feature of this auto clicker is that you can set a sequence of keys to run at the press of a button. These macros are perfect for gaming but do have a practical use. Hotkeys can be used to make your work easier, navigating your browser a simplified task, or input a frequently used word or phrase.

Intermittent freezes

The software is, however, not free from bugs and glitches, and the major one that you’ll experience when using this program is that it can freeze or get stuck. This can easily be fixed by restarting the app, which will require you to be at the computer and can occasionally cost you time.

Record a sequence

If you need to tap multiple parts of your screen in a specific order, you can set GS auto clicker to record input that it can later playback when needed. This extends the use from a single area to a sequence that can be repeated in games or during your work.

Safe to use

GS Auto Clicker is safe to use and does not contain any viruses or harmful coding. This lets you get a high-quality auto clicker without the risk of harming your computer or losing all your files to ransomware or other malicious lines of code.


If GS Auto Clicker isn’t your preferred application for automating a small repetitive task in games or work, then you may find one of these alternatives to be a better choice:

Free Mouse Auto Clicker frees you from the repetitive need to click your mouse. It’s a simple application that’s highly efficient at its job.

FastKeys is an all-in-one automation software that can create configurable menu shortcuts and other necessary components to automate tasks on your computer.

AutoHotkey is a handy little program that automates tasks using scripts. Once a script is loaded and the activation macro is pressed, the task is repeated for a set amount of time. You can find scripts for many tasks available from other users online.

Free Auto Clicker is a mouse clicking automation software that works in the background to activate your mouse on the screen rapidly and click away at the task before it.

Safe and powerful

GS Auto Clicker is a powerful software that performs it’s repetitive task extremely well. You can set sequences and adjust the frequency between clicks in the settings menu. You’re also capable of tapping more than one area or set up a macro.

Recent updates have kept the application safe and viable for use on any computer running Windows 7 and up. Downloading this program will not install any viruses or malware, but will free up your time and save your mouse from over usage.



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