here are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures

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Q: Remember that photo that became a meme overnight of a guy making a humongous wave out of fried rice?

A: That was actually staged.

The source of the rice wave is actually a sculpture made as part of a fake food museum in Tokyo, called the “giga wave”.

Q: Remember Paris Hilton’s iconic “Stop Being Poor” shirt?

A: That’s actually a fake. The shirt she wore actually said “Stop being desperate”.

Paris Hilton doesn’t have a problem with flaunting her crazy wealth. But she’s smart enough to not outright call people poor, but rather use a sort of euphemism.

Q: There was a vintage advertisement from the 50’s for Heineken that went viral online, depicting a baby drinking….beer.

Shocking, isn’t it?

A: I actually shared this image in one of my answers, thinking it was real. In fact, it’s actually fake. The baby was slurping up a bottle of 7-up instead.

That’s definitely not something I would serve a baby, but at least it’s not beer.

Q: This is a historical engraving of president Abraham Lincoln, right?

A: No. After Lincoln’s death, one artist doctored his head onto the body of John C. Calhoun.

Calhoun, ironically, was strongly pro-slavery.

Q: Venice.

There’s a photo showcasing how its canals in the winter look like you could easily ice skate on them, don’t they?

A: In fact, no.

The frozen water in this picture actually comes from Lake Baikal in Russia.



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