12 Vegetables You Must Stop Eating From Now

9. Brussels Sprouts

Here’s a veggie that you may want to avoid if you will be out in public afterward. Similar to broccoli, Brussels sprouts are cruciferous vegetables that tend to make people gassy.
That’s due to the raffinose and sulphate content – raffinose is a sugar that is not able to be digested in the stomach or small intestine, and ends up being fermented in the large intestine.
While that’s happening, sulphate is released. So not only do you feel gassy, your flatulence will be so pungent that there’s no denying it happened.

8. Celery

Though kind of bland and stringy, there is a surprising amount of nutrition in celery. However, it is really high up on the Dirty Dozen list, being coated with up to 68 hormone disrupting pesticides.
Celery is also relatively tasteless, so we tend to dip it in unhealthy stuff in order to make it palatable. Still, as long as you buy organic and watch the toppings, celery can help you feel full without adding many calories to your daily diet.

7. Corn

This summer staple goes great with just about any meal, but unfortunately corn is one of the most common GMO foods around. Long term evidence is still lacking, but many researchers believe that GMOs are risky because they introduce our bodies to novel proteins that aren’t easily processed.
This leads to sensitivities and allergies in some folks. Corn is also high in sugar and fed in massive quantities to cows in order to fatten them up, so imagine what it does to humans. Add the traditional butter and salt, and corn is a veggie that should be enjoyed very much in moderation, even organic.